We really enjoyed this last year as the proprietors of the Hunt Club. We hope you had a great year with us as well. 

Sadly, we are discontinuing our business operations of the Hunt Club because much to our surprise, and on very short notice, the original founder Myra Martin for unknown reasons (since she only communicates through letters from her attorney which are attached) notified us to vacate. Myra Martin has decided via the attached notices from her attorney that she does not want us to run the business or complete the sales transaction with us. Myra Martin, through her attorney, has notified us to cease our operations and vacate the property so that she and David Martin can take over the management and operation of the hunt club. 

In honoring Myra Martin's wishes, we will no longer be the proprietors of the Hunt Club as of March 31 , 2018. Please note that any and all interruptions, degradation of services or operational issues are now solely the responsibility of Myra Martin and David Martin.

Thank you,

Jeremy & Sharelle Leal