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 Since 1991, Major Avenue Hunt Club has provided the ultimate upland game hunting experience.  We are one hour west of the Twin Cities Metro Area and have over 350 acres of restored native prairie grasses.  These fields hold up well from the heat of summer to the heavy snows of winter providing wonderful cover for upland game.  We also have 160 acres of marsh and wetlands.  Spring-fed ponds provide habitat for native wildlife species and are easily accessible for water work training and exercise for your dog. 

Our season runs from early September to end of April.

Tower Shoots

  Following the European tradition - Major Avenue Hunt Club offers Tower Shoots to its guests.  These shoots are fun, fast and challenging! What is a Tower Shoot?  Major Avenue Hunt Club uses a converted silo for Tower Shoots.  From the top of the silo, gamebirds and/or pigeons are released in singles or multiples.  These birds will fly in any direction at random around the silo.  Surrounding the silo from a distance are stands/blinds that hunters will shoot from.  Hunters are able to shoot at any bird they think they can safely hit.  At a given signal, Hunters will rotate from Stand to Stand around the silo so that every Hunter has the same opportunity to shoot from all sides.  Guides with dogs are available to retrieve all shot game.  Prior to the start of the event, all participants will gather to review all aspects of the hunt.   

Guided Hunts

 If you do not have your own dog, guides with dogs are available for individual and group hunts. 

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Reservations Required

Reservations required for all shooting. Please call or use our online reservation system to schedule your next hunt. 

We offer family, business and corporate memberships.

One Day and Three Day Passes are available for non-members.

Major Avenue Hunt Club

11721 Major Ave, Glencoe, Minnesota 55336, United States




Monday: Member Scratch Hunting Only

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday -  Sunday: 8am - 8pm